Punto Banco Tournamennt Rules

1.1     Tournament description

The player wishing to participate in one of the tournaments organized by Casino Admiral for PB shall present himself at the Casino’s cashier’s desk showing an identity document and paying the participation fee called buy-in.

He will collect a named receipt as proof of payment which he will hand in at the registration desk inside the tournament area. The manager will collect the receipt and give the player a receipt with the table and chair number. In the case of tournaments with the possibility of multiple entry (re-entry), the customer is required to return to the cashier to pay the entry fee and then return to the tournament area and return the entry ticket. The number of permitted re-entries is stated in the matrix sent to the CFCG in advance.

1.2     Running

  1. The running of the tournament is regulated by a dedicated entry and break software displayed on the room monitors.
  2. During breaks in the Tournament, the croupier may only leave his workstation if there are no players seated at his table and if the area is manned by at least one inspector.

1.3     Players’ responsibilities

         Players are responsible for checking:

  1. The registration data and seat assignment.
  2. Keeping their tokens visible and correctly sorted, if possible in stacks of 20
  3. Respect minimums, maximums and betting times.

1.4     Seat assignments

Seats are allocated by the tournament management. Each player is obliged to be seated on the first hand of the first round.

1.5     Tournament progress

Between rounds, qualified players will be assigned a seat at a new table in a random manner. The management reserves the right to reassemble tables with a different number of players than the initial one. After the preliminary rounds, the two semi-final tables will be made up, which will be played as described above.

1.6     Conclusion of the Tournament

         Final table and prizes:

  1. After the semi-final round, the final table is composed.
  2. The Manager notifies the surveillance of the opening of the final table, which must be under video surveillance.
  3. Players move to the final table
  4. The tournament prize money, determined by a paytable provided to the CFCG, must be given to the eligible players at the casino’s cashier’s desk after the announcement by the manager, after identification of the customer and in accordance with the LRD guidelines.

2     Methods of play

  1. For the rules of the game, please refer to the Punto Banco information booklet
  2. Each round will count from 16 to 20 rounds (subject to matrix notification)
  3. The draw of every single hand is made on the tournament management’s signal and according to the draw table in use at the Casino Admiral in Mendrisio
  4. No more than 9 players may play at each table
  5. Participants in the tournament will be obliged to play every single hand for at least the minimum of the table in Punto Banco, otherwise they will be eliminated.
  6. If a player is absent from the table for a hand, the manager will withdraw a piece, equal to the minimum of the table, regardless of the winning combination, be it Punto, Banco or Égalité.
  7. Payouts on Punto Banco will be at par, on Égalité the payout pays 8 :1
  8. In the event of a tie, one card will be dealt each (drawn and shuffled from the discard holder) to each player. The first card to the discard holder with the lowest place number. If they are equal it continues until a winner is determined. Order of cards from lowest to highest: Ace-Re.
  9. Will win the Competition, and a place in the final round, the player who finishes the 20 rounds by keeping the highest number of competition chips, or the player who finishes last during the 16/20 rounds.
  10. Players who finish their chips before the 16/20 strokes will be eliminated and will have to leave the table

2.1     Min and Max

                        Min Max

            Punto 100 1000

            Banco 100 1000    

            Egalité 100 100