Punto Banco

Punto Banco is a variant of the game of Baccarat. It was invented in North America and then spread worldwide, enjoying great success, especially in Latin American countries and with players of Eastern origin.
The 4 Punto Banco tables at the Casino ADMIRAL Mendrisio, which have nine boxes each, form one of the busiest areas dedicated to this game in Southern Europe.
The Punto Banco game is straightforward, and each participant can decide to bet on three values with different winning percentages: Punto, Banco, and Tie (or Egalité).

At the Punto Banco tables of Mendrisio’s Casino, the additional bet of the Contrast Bonus is permanently active; it is established at the end of the hand. The winnings are paid out in two cases: if all the cards of the Punto are red and all the cards of the Banco are black and vice versa.