The Twenties of Punto Banco

To celebrate the 20th birthday of the Casino Admiral in Mendrisio, the casino is organising a Punto Banco tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of 20,000 euros! The “Twenties of Mendrisio 20k GRT” tournament will start at 4 p.m. on 9 October 2022. This is a one-day tournament that will be played in the Admiral Poker Room, set up with Punto Banco tables for the occasion.

The buy-in is €200+20 and it is possible to make several re-entries by the end of the final quarter. Players are given a stack of 10,000 chips. The tournament consists of 4 quarter-finals, 1 semi-final and 1 final table.

In the quarter-finals, the tournament participants will be divided into 4 heats. Each heat will be associated with a table on which they will play. 8 players will participate at each table, for a maximum total of 128 players. For each quarter-final, 20 heats will be played, starting at the same time for all tables. At the end of the 20 heats, the two players at each table with the highest number of chips will qualify for the next phase.

Only the 32 players qualified from the quarter-finals will enter the semi-finals, which will be spread over 4 tables. Again, 20 heats will be played, which will start simultaneously on all tables. At the end of the 20 heats, the two players with the largest stack at each table will advance to the final table. In the event of “ex aequo” between two or more players, single tie-breaking hands will be drawn between all players with the same number of chips to determine passage to the semi-finals, the final or to establish the final ranking.

Only the 8 qualifiers from the semi-finals will enter the final table. 20 heats will be played at the end of which, players will be ranked according to the number of chips held.

The player who loses all tokens before the end of the 20 heats is considered “eighth classified”, the next one as “seventh classified” etc etc.


A maximum number of 128 persons may participate in the tournament. The deadline for entries is 9 October, coinciding with the start of the quarter-finals. The buy-in can be purchased at the Casino’s cashier’s desk every day from 11 a.m. onwards.