Black jack Mednrisio ENG

Black Jack Blackjack, also called twenty-one, is one of the most gripping card games. Of North American origin, this game has made history in casinos all over the world. At the five tables in the Casino Admiral Mendrisio, the minimum bet varies from 10, 20 to 50 CHF/EUR per box, while the maximum bet is […]

American Roulette Mendrisio ENG

American Roulette The ten American Roulette tables are smaller than the traditional French ones. However, unlike the overseas tables, the American Roulette tables at the Casino Admiral Mendrisio have a single zero instead of two to allow players a greater chance of winning! American Roulette is considered the queen of casino games, being a more […]

Slot Machines Mendrisio ENG

Slot Machines The 337 Slot Machines at the Casino di Mendrisio include a wide range of games on offer and are geared to satisfy the tastes of all customers. All of the world’s most important brands of Slot Machines are present in the Mendrisio Casino’s machine park: the offer ┬áinclude from the most intuitive machines […]

Punto Banco Mendrisio ENG

Punto Banco Punto Banco is a variant of the game of Baccarat. It was invented in North America and then spread throughout the world, enjoying great success, especially in Latin American countries and with players of Eastern origin. The 5 Punto Banco tables at the Casino Admiral Mendrisio, which have nine boxes each, form one […]

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Mendrisio ENG

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em The game of Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a variant of the classic Poker Texas Hold’Em and there are two dedicated tables at the Casino Mendrisio. The fundamental difference from the classic variant is that in this case players do not compete with each other, but bet against the bank.The game is played […]

Sic Bo Mendrisio ENG

Sic Bo Sic Bo, also known as Tai Sai, is a game of chance of Chinese origin, which requires a special table with three six-sided dice. It is a game in which participants place their bets on the corresponding areas of the table, after which the croupier activates the bubble that shakes the three dice […]