American Roulette

10 American Roulette tables
Our roulette tables are smaller in size than the old French roulette tables. Unlike American Roulette, however, the tables at the Casino Admiral in Mendrisio have a single zero instead of two, to the advantage of players! To enrich the games on offer, 4 semi-automatic American Roulette tables await you! American Roulette is considered the queen of games and is a more modern and faster variation of the famous French Roulette. While minimum bets vary from table to table (CHF/ EUR 5, 10 or 20), winnings are up to 35 times the stake.

The maximum bets allowed are:

Full CHF/EUR 100.
Horse CHF/EUR 200.
Triplet CHF/EUR 300.
Carre’ CHF/EUR 400.
Sextina CHF/EUR 600.
Column / Dozen CHF/EUR 1’200.
Simple chances CHF/EUR 1’800.
Series 0/2/3 CHF/EUR 1’700.
Series 5/8 CHF/EUR 1’200.
Orphans CHF/EUR 900.
Zero Spiel CHF/EUR 700.