Transversal Territory: The Art of Mendrisio

On Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18, “Transversal Territory” was held, a territorial project promoted and supported by the City of Mendrisio in collaboration with the Academy of Architecture. The project, conceived by lecturer Antoine de Perrot aka Onzgi and held under his direction and that of choreographer and physician Mansoureh Aalaii, involved 120 people.

Walking through the streets of the urban space of Rime-Brecch, 12 different kinds of art installations, 7 dance performances, and ephemeral architectural and landscape interventions were presented. The purpose of the project, thus of the installations and performances, was to nurture the imagination and broaden the scope of environmental sustainability.

Casino Admiral supported and participated in this important territorial project, as indeed it supports the many initiatives taking place in the Mendrisiotto area.

One of the works that aroused the most interest was “30 cubes,” an installation that, as the name implies, is composed of 30 cubes of pet bottles placed in a semicircle and would show the impact that the consumption of plastic creates, as if to envelope the one who admires the work.

You can find the Teleticino broadcast here.