At the Casino ADMIRAL in Mendrisio there are three great new features! These are the new side bets of the Tables area, more precisely the additional bet “Winning Number Wager” of Punto Banco, “Dealer Number Wager” of Black Jack and “Le Figure” of American Roulette.

At the Punto Banco tables, in addition to the “Contrast Bonus” side bet, we find the “Winning Number Wager” side bet, which consists of betting what the winning hand will be, whether it is the Punto or the Banco’s. By betting from a minimum of €20 to a maximum of €100 per number you can receive a payout of up to 85 times your bet (if you bet on the number 1 and the winning score is equal to 1).

At the American Roulette tables we find the side bet “The Figures”, where you can bet on the exit of a number belonging to the so-called “figure”. There are nine figures, from the number one to the number nine, and each figure comprises four numbers arranged on the same column and spaced nine units apart. For example, ‘the figure of nine’, named after the smallest of the four numbers – and also the starting number, consists of: 9, 18 ,27 and 36. If the ball falls into one of the numbers in the figure played, the bet “The Figures” wins and pays 8:1. Otherwise the bet loses. The game includes a Tout Va (All IN/Per Tutto) variant. If the player wants to make use of this option he forfeits the 8:1 payout and the Dealer moves the original bet to the appropriate box. If the “Le Figure” bet wins the payout is 82:1.

The latest innovation is found at the Black Jack tables with the “Dealer Number Wager” side bet, which consists of betting on the outcome of the Dealer’s hand. The “Dealer Number Wager” bet can be placed on numbers 17 to 26 in the appropriate boxes. If the bet refers to the number 21 the player must choose between Dealer’s Black Jack or no Black Jack.

The three Side Bets are implemented exclusively at one table per game, respectively at a Black Jack table, an American Roulette table and a Punto Banco table.