As the claim of the Mendrisio Jackpot, which is about to make its debut in the Sottoceneri gambling house, suggests, jackpots are “at home” at Casino ADMIRAL: just in the month of February just ended, jackpots were paid out on slot machines totalling 1,502,768 CHF! The highest jackpot at the Casino Mendrisio, the Admiral Jackpot, which came in at around CHF 380,000 and which could be won in the coming weeks, has not yet been rolled over this month. The month just ended confirmed itself as the best February in the last four years with an 11% increase in visitors compared to last year.

February was the month of Carnival throughout Ticino, but especially at the Casino Admiral where the promotion “In Carnival every entry is worth…” took place, during which 5,126 people spun the maxi-wheel of fortune and were able to win game vouchers to the value of 200 CHF and entry tickets for the Nebiopoli Carnival in Chiasso, of which the Casino was the main sponsor. In this promotion, 134 lucky patrons won game vouchers worth 200 CHF and 775 were able to attend the exciting Nebiopoli parade free of charge.

Finally, the Valentine’s Day promotion involved all guests who entered the Casino being presented with a delicious chocolate heart. And now it is already time to prepare for Easter week with a new fun game for all guests.

The Mendrisiotto gambling house frequently renews its gaming offer with new slots, opportunities at the tables, and it is precisely in these days that two important novelties were announced that will be implemented in March, namely the already mentioned Mendrisio Jackpot, which joins the other Mystery Jackpots of the Mendrisiotto gambling house, and the introduction of the new “Easy Tables” of American Roulette where the game flows much faster than at traditional tables.

There was also no lack of novelties within the slot machine park, the total number of which is about to grow beyond the current 338.