A few months later, the Admiral Jackpot in the amount of CHF 352,620 was snapped up again! The last win had been recorded on Easter Day, that is, April 9, and the lucky player had won over 430,000 CHF. This time it was Mr. Antonio Giuliani, an Italian player, who, shortly after dinner, while playing a slot machine in the smoking area, could not believe his eyes because the Admiral Jackpot winning message appeared on the IGT Peakslant slot he was playing. Confirming the actual win was the win jingle echoing throughout the casino.

The IGT Peakslant slot is one of the newest slots installed in recent months at the ADMIRAL Casino in Mendrisio.

This is the third time the Admiral Jackpot has been triggered at Casino Mendrisio but the first time it has not been triggered at one of the beloved Duo Fu Duo Cai slots, which in December 2022 and April 2023 were the stars of Admiral Jackpot winnings totaling more than 879,000 CHF.

The Admiral Jackpot, the highest of the gambling house’s 64 jackpots, restarted from just over 120,000 CHF after winning, waiting to be awarded again. The Admiral Jackpot can only be won on one of the slots installed at Casino Mendrisio, with no minimum wager amount.