Volunteering wins in Mendrisio

Volunteering is a very important aspect of the social fabric throughout Switzerland, and of course it is so at the Mendrisio ADMIRAL Casino as well.

Volunteer activities involve more than 40 percent of the population who work to provide various types of organized service to associations or public institutions or to people who do not live within their own household. In fact, the Federal Statistical Office notes that each volunteer is engaged in an average of 4.1 hours per week for a grand total of 640 million hours of unpaid work by 3 million Swiss volunteers. Also not to be underestimated is the economic aspect of volunteering, in fact it generates uncounted GDP of 60 billion Swiss francs.

For more than 20 years, Casino ADMIRAL has been committed to projects related to sustainability and social issues. The same values are shared by Samuele Tettamanti and Sandro Merlini, employees of the Mendrisiotto gambling house for 17 and 21 years, respectively, who, in addition to their work at the Casino, are dedicated to ensuring the safety and integrity of others, especially in the Mendrisiotto area since Samuele is a firefighter and Sandro is a volunteer at the Ambulance Service and at the Samaritani in Chiasso.

Samuele Tettamanti holds the position of Slot, SECC & Technician Manager at the ADMIRAL Casino in Mendrisio and has been a volunteer in the Fire Department for 23 years. Samuele’s passion for the Fire Department runs in his family: his father also served for a long time in the Fire Department as an Officer.

With important certifications acquired over the years, Samuel is a point of reference within the ADMIRAL Casino for everything related to emergency safety and evacuation plans. He is also responsible for training each and every Casino employee on how to behave and the rules to follow in dangerous circumstances.

Equally relevant within the Casino is the figure of Sandro Merlini, a security and surveillance officer at the Mendrisiotto gambling house for more than 21 years, who devotes his free time by volunteering with SAM (Servizio Autoambulanza Mendrisiotto) and the Samaritan section of Chiasso. Sandro is also a “first responder,” meaning he is part of a group of people and institutions that have given their willingness to be alerted and ready to respond to cardiac arrest situations.

For a few years now, Sandro Merlini, on his own initiative, has begun to hold free courses intended for his colleagues, with the aim of creating a network of collaborators who know and know how to practice first aid techniques with the goal of not being unprepared in case of need.

With their knowledge and experience, Samuele Tettamanti and Sandro Merlini are now two indispensable key-figures both at the Casino ADMIRAL in Mendrisio and at the Centro Soccorso Cantonale Pompieri Mendrisiotto one, and at SAM and Samaritani in Chiasso the other.

The ADMIRAL Casino Mendrisio, open 365 days a year, offers the true essence of the gaming experience: 27 gaming tables including Punto Banco, American Roulette, Black Jack, Poker Cash Game, Casino War and Ultimate Texas Hold’em, 336 slot machines with 65 linked jackpots, semi-automatic and electronic roulette. Located only 5 minutes from Italy (Chiasso-Brogeda customs), it is 15 km from Lugano, 50 km from Milan and 15 km from Como and Campione d’Italia.