The new roulette rewards up to 100 thousand francs!

Admiral Casino continues to renew its gaming offerings. In October, eight new “Quartz” terminals from Scientific Games were activated in the smoking area, and on December 1, a great new feature was introduced in them.

Placed in front of the Admiral Cafe, these new terminals are connected to two cylinders, one red and one blue, on which you can play and bet. A great special feature is the presence for the first time of an automatic Ultimate Texas Hold’em with minimum bets of 5 EUR/CHF and, in addition to the classic bonuses such as trips and Bonus Pairs there is also the Bad Beat Bonus, which pays the player in case the dealer has a better combination than his as long as it is at least a trio. With a maximum bet of 10 EUR/CHF if you lose the hand with Straight Flush you can win up to 100,000 EUR/CHF.

The surprises for American Roulette fans do not end there. In fact, from December 1 was also introduced Roulette X, whose special feature is to have a virtual cylinder connected to the blue roulette in which at each spin there are special numbers that can pay with a multiplier up to 500 times the stake, while the full is paid 1:28.

Minimum bets are 1 CHF/euro for Roulette Blue and Red, while for Roulette X the minimum bet is 50 cents. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday game days, the first row of Quartz terminals (the one closest to the cylinders) has a minimum bet of 10 CHF/euros and does not have active Roulette X.

So, there is Roulette for all tastes. In fact, Admiral Casino’s great gaming offer, in addition to the novelties presented, features a total of 10 American Roulette tables, 2 Automatic Roulette, 1 Semi-Automatic Roulette.