The Casino Admiral in Mendrisio will be the Main Partner of the most important carnival in the Sottoceneri, the Nebiopoli in Chiasso. The Mendrisiotto municipality’s famous carnival parade will be the highlight of the event, which will take place from 1 to 5 February. From a chronological point of view, it will be the first carnival in 2023 and thus also the first carnival in the Canton of Ticino after the pandemic. Nebiopoli 2023 was presented in the conference room of the Casino of Mendrisio on 29 November. The speakers were the president of Nebiopoli, Alessandro Gazzani, the mayor of Chiasso, Bruno Arrigoni, and, of course, the hostess, director of the Casino, Emanuela Ventrici. The latter explained how much the Admiral Group’s casino cares about local initiatives, especially those of the Mendrisiotto region, such as the Nebiopoli Carnival. And he prefigured a week of fun between Chiasso and Mendrisio at the beginning of February: in the afternoon the Carnival and in the evening the Casino, a combination of entertainment between two brands that strongly characterise the region. A combination that historically attracts visitors and fans from all over the Canton, but also from neighbouring Italy. During this week, the Casino will launch a promotion dedicated to Carnival, during which 2,000 tickets for the Nebiopoli parade on Saturday 4 February will be up for grabs. Also speaking during the Nebiopoli presentation conference was Maurizio Tamagni, president of the Damiano Tamagni Foundation, which aims to prevent youth violence and help families involved in episodes like the one that saw Damiano’s tragic death.