The ADMIRAL new Card Dealers training course

The ADMIRAL Casino in Mendrisio has established a “training course” for croupiers, offering a new professional opportunity to youths.

In December, the doors of the ADMIRAL training course at the Casino Mendrisio officially closed after a 6-week course. It engaged over 30 young people between 18 and 25 in training and apprenticeship for two card games available in the Live Game Area of the Tessin gaming house, Black Jack and Punto Banco.

The ADMIRAL Casino in Mendrisio has provided a significant opportunity for young men and women with no experience or training in the sector interested in pursuing a professional path in casino gaming. This unique and utterly free course involved Swiss and Italian youths.

This time, the Casino Mendrisio transformed from a place of leisure and entertainment into a center for growth and training aimed at the younger segment of the population. On November 6th, the ADMIRAL training course opened its doors, and instructors Michele Genzano and Alessandro Cocchi, respectively, Floor Manager and Inspector/Dealer of the Live Game Area at the ADMIRAL Casino, welcomed “the students” to the training course. The instructors thoroughly explained the basics of being a croupier, characterized by attention, impartiality, precision, and skill, as well as the rules of Black Jack and Punto Banco, for which the ADMIRAL Casino in Mendrisio, respectively has 4 and 5 tables. At the end of the 6-week course, 8 “graduates” were hired by the ADMIRAL Casino in Mendrisio starting January 1st, 2024, as Croupiers specialized in Black Jack and Punto Banco games.

The ADMIRAL training course has demonstrated how the Casino Mendrisio is attentive to the social fabric needs of the territory, offering a new professional outlet to a group of youngsters experiencing their first years in the workforce. For the ADMIRAL Casino, this is not a novelty; among the over 200 employees currently working, some come from the training course held at the time of the gaming house’s inauguration in 2002.