The Casino ADMIRAL Mendrisio, which was nominated in March for the Swiss Location Award along with 1,820 other locations, has been rated as one of the best ‘experience’ locations in Switzerland!

The Mendrisiotto gambling house had been nominated in March 2023 and the news of the nomination for this important award was immediately greeted with great pleasure and enthusiasm by all employees and the management, which has always supported the interesting proposals from each sector of the company.

The participation in the evaluations was truly astonishing, as received 58,394 votes, i.e. more than double the number of votes that had been submitted for the 2022 Award. The events on offer, the friendliness, the elegant atmosphere and the guaranteed accessibility are some of the Admiral Casino’s special features that were rated positively by organisers, visitors and a specially composed jury of experts.

The willingness to present new offerings in terms of both events and cuisine and a unique gaming experience is reflected in the commitment of the Live Game and Slots staff and the gastro sector with the Admiral Café, the Admiral Bistrot and the Admiral Restaurant.

The ADMIRAL Casino is therefore officially one of the best and most beautiful experience locations in Switzerland, and thanks to its score in the evaluation process it also receives the important quality seal “Excellent”.