Record-breaking Admiral Jackpot! Hit at 452,000 francs!

At the Admiral Casino in Mendrisio, the Admiral Jackpot was triggered for the fourth time and rewarded a player with the highest ever win of 452,002.77 CHF! Shortly after the opening of the Casino on Saturday, February 17, which takes place daily at 11:00 am, a lucky gentleman decided to play one of the Duo Fu Duo Cai slots in the smoking area and after a few 5.28 CHF spins heard the jingle of the Admiral Jackpot win, the highest among the 65 connected to the 336 machines at the Casino! Great excitement for the player from Bergamo who visits the Mendrisiotto gambling house twice a week to spend a few hours of pure fun.

This is not the first time the Admiral Jackpot has been snapped at the Duo Fu Duo Cai slots, in fact 3 times out of 4 it has been just the winning slot type. The first win was on Dec. 7, 2022, when Predrag Budakovic, a poker player, won 438,034 CHF at Duo Fu Duo Cai near the cash registers. Next, on Easter Day last year, April 9, 2023, another lucky guest cashed in 441,088 CHF playing the very Duo Fu Duo Cai slot adjacent to the one where the last Admiral Jackpot was snapped.

These days this was not the only mind-boggling win, in fact even at the Jin Ji Bao Xi slots just a few meters away from the lucky Admiral Jackpot slot the Jackpot Grand was triggered twice in a short time for winnings of 56,582 and 40,463 respectively. The Admiral Jackpot has restarted from CHF 125,000 and is already ready to snap again!