Play the European Championship in Mendrisio!

The “Play the European Championships in Mendrisio!” promotion runs from June 14 to July 14, 2024, and for those who have the opportunity to play the object fishing machine, Promo Ticket worth in CHF 10 CHF and CHF 50 CHF will be given out, based on the guidelines dictated by the regulations.


The promotion “Play the European Championships in Mendrisio!” is intended for guests of the Casino Admiral in Mendrisio. Excluded from the promotion are casino employees and close family members of the same (wife, husband, parents, brothers, sisters, children).
The promotion is valid every day from June 14 to July 14 inclusive, during the time slot 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Method of participation:

Participation in the promotion is automatic. In fact, to participate, it is sufficient to enter the Admiral Mendrisio Casino during the time slots when the promotion is active.
All those who enter the Casino from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, after logging in through any of the Reception desks, receive a scratch card that can allow the guest to be able to play the object fishing machine and have a chance to win a CHF 10 or CHF 50 promoticket.
The scratch card is a coupon in which there are three boxes to be scratched. In case the coupon has three identical symbols, identified in the soccer balls, the guest has a chance to play the object drawing machine. Should the symbols be different from each other, the guest does not have the chance to play the promotion dedicated to the European soccer championship.
It is possible to play until 7:05 p.m.

At the station of the object fishing machine there is a hostess deputized to check the smooth running of the promotion.
Guests who have received the coupon as the holder of the opportunity to participate in the Europeans game hand over the coupon to the hostess, who verifies it and allows the guest to play.
The goal of the guest playing the object fishing machine is to be able to catch and bag one of the soccer balls in it.
The time allotted for each session of play is 30 seconds. Soccer balls that are posted in the space provided at the end of the 30 seconds are considered valid.
Those who succeed in crashing the soccer ball will receive the same soccer ball and a promoticket worth 50 CHF for free, conversely, those who fail to crash the soccer ball will receive a 10 CHF promoticket.
The hostess in charge of coordination may invalidate the game if she deems it appropriate.
For any kind of diatribe or attempt to force the rules, it is the hostess’s final and unquestionable responsibility to make the decision about the incident.
It is only possible to participate once a day in the promotion “Play the European Championships in Mendrisio!”

The 10 CHF and 50 CHF promotickets related to the promotion “Play the European Championships in Mendrisio!” can be played on the slot machines at Casino Admiral Mendrisio exclusively in the G-D where the promoticket is delivered, i.e. by the closing time of the Casino on the day the promoticket was received.
Only those who are allowed access to the gambling house may participate.
Participation in the promotion implies, for the participant, the unconditional and total acceptance of the rules and clauses contained in these regulations without limitation. Legal recourse is excluded. Only persons who are 18 years of age or older and are not affected by a gambling prohibition, limitation or exclusion from gambling under the Federal Law on Cash Games (LGD) and the Ordinance on Cash Games (OGD) are entitled to participate. Admiral Casino reserves the right to change the above conditions at any time.