As the claim associated with the new addition to the large family of the ADMIRAL Casino Jackpots says, “In Mendrisio the Jackpot is at home”. As of 28 March 2023 there will in fact be a new Mystery Jackpot joining the Casino Sottocenerino’s gaming offer and it is called the Mendrisio Jackpot. It is the 59th Jackpot at the ADMIRAL Casino. Just like the Diamond, Gold and Admiral Jackpot, it is a Mystery Jackpot linked to all 338 slot machines in the Casino. There are no minimum bets to try and win this Mendrisio Jackpot, which, as its name suggests, becomes one of the most present and most won jackpots in the rooms of the Mendrisiotto casino. The Mendrisio Jackpot is strongly associated with the Casino Mendrisio as the Jackpot logo itself features a stylised image of the Casino. It takes the place of the Jackpot Silver and has a very high payout frequency, practically daily. The Mendrisio Jackpot, ça va sans dire, further reinforces the image of the territorial link between Casino Admiral and the town of Mendrisio that has always been its host.