Casino ADMIRAL Mendrisio bets on “Égalité”

Casino ADMIRAL is a solid company that has ensured equal opportunities for all employees within the gaming house for over 20 years. ACE SWISS Holding, the sole owner of Casinò ADMIRAL SA, chose to appoint a two-member management team, who manages and coordinates the entity and guarantees a perfect balance in decisions made in the company’s interest.

Just as in the top-level business roles, in the operational and administrative departments, the presence of women accounts for about 40% of the workforce, and many of these women are entrusted with significant roles. The Slot department boasts an all-women presence as Shift Managers, who coordinate hostesses, receptionists, and cashiers and serve as reference figures for guests spending time at the 344 slot machines available in the rooms. The Slot department, in particular, has the highest percentage of female employees, at 83% of the entire staff, which is over 50 people. On the other hand, there is a prevalence of male employees at the Live Game tables. Still, most of the inspectors are women, who oversee every hand and every payment and ensure the utmost regularity of the game.

The role of women at Casino ADMIRAL has always been valued; for instance, female employees enjoy benefits and advantages concerning maternity leave, being entitled to a five-month leave, or 20 weeks, instead of the minimum guaranteed 14 weeks, or 3 and a half months. The possibility of adjusting the work percentage according to personal needs is also evaluated for all employees. Working in a Casino open every day from 11 am to 5 am, even until 7 am on Saturdays and Sundays, aims not to preclude the possibility of reconciling professional life with private life. This is evidenced by the fact that 20% of the women working in the gaming house have at least one child.

Professional growth within Casino ADMIRAL in Mendrisio is one of the drivers that encourages each employee to give their best, always operating with the utmost professionalism, thanks to the absence of wage differences based on origin or gender. The female employees “born” and grown professionally within the gaming house for over 20 years are 17, all of whom are proud of the milestone achieved because they have accompanied the Casino in the first two decades of its history. At Casino ADMIRAL, the average service length for female employees is over 8 years, a testament to its being a secure and solid job that allows one to plan for one’s future in both professional and private spheres. Casino Mendrisio is a company where equal opportunities are guaranteed, and no form of discrimination against guests or employees is tolerated.

This equality of treatment guaranteed at all levels, which in casino jargon has been termed “égalité,” fits into the sustainability projects that ACE SWISS Holding has been carrying forward for some years now, precisely named “social sustainability.”