A great year, 2022, for the Casino Mendrisio, and one that is drawing to a close in the best possible way. After the celebrations for its first twenty years and the request for renewal of the concession, the gambling house in Mendrisiotto has been included by World Casino Awards in the nominations for the category Europe’s Best Casino Entertainment Venue 2022, together with important Casinos such as Barcelona, Malta, Monte Carlo and Madrid. Precisely Casino Gran Madrid was the winner of this category for the year 2021 and has been nominated again for 2022, so it will certainly aim to reaffirm the title.

“For the management and employees,” reads a note, “it is a great honour that Casino ADMIRAL was chosen for such an important category and especially by such a prestigious organisation. For more than 20 years, the employees have been committed to providing the best gaming offer and making the experience at the Casino unique”.

Over the last few months, the Casino has expanded its gaming offer by increasing the number of slot jackpots, inserted side bets at the Black Jack, Punto Banco and American Roulette tables, and increased the number of Poker Cash Game tables from 4 to 6. But that’s not all, in fact, promotions have been running that have aroused great interest among the Casino’s guests, such as the promotion that is active until 24 December “A Mendrisio ogni giorno è Natale” (In Mendrisio every day is Christmas) whereby, by spinning the maxi-wheel, it is possible to win gaming vouchers worth CHF 10 and CHF 50. And many other initiatives are planned for the start of the New Year, such as the €200,000 guaranteed La Notte degli Assi tournament.