The great gesture of solidarity by all employees of the Admiral Casino

A gesture of solidarity from the employees of the Casino Admiral

In this dramatic moment, characterised by the health and economic emergency linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, a spontaneous competition of solidarity was triggered among the employees of the Casino Admiral in Mendrisio. Unable to go to work because of the casino’s closure, employees submitted ideas to the management on how to help those in need.

Among the many proposals, one seemed to be easy and immediate to implement as, above all, it does not require transfers or movements, which in these weeks are made problematic by the lockdown decreed by the Government: the employees of the Admiral Casino have unanimously decided to give up the gift card that each of them receives on his birthday, a purchase voucher worth 50 francs to be used in Coop shops and department stores in Ticino.

A small but sincere gesture of generosity which, when multiplied, is worth a good 10,150 francs in solidarity.
10,150 francs of solidarity.
The Management of the Casino has therefore contacted the Department of Social Policies of the City of Mendrisio which, through the offices of Antenna Sociale and Attività Sociali, will coordinate the distribution of the cards to those most in need. The vouchers will be made available to citizens particularly affected by the health emergency, giving priority to people and families in difficulty due to the lack of food distribution, and more generally to people in care and in urgent need.

“The Casino is temporarily closed,” explains the marketing manager, Leila Bigolin Mros, “but our work doesn’t stop and, as the initiative we are announcing today shows, our employees are keen to contribute in some way to helping those most affected by the crisis. As well as communicating to the outside world, we also try to keep internal communication alive, and it is at this level that the idea of doing something in the name of solidarity was born. We therefore launched a survey to collect ideas, suggestions and proposals, and in the end we chose the one that seemed most feasible and effective. The management greatly appreciated the gesture of renouncing the purchase voucher and decided to participate in this solidarity initiative in turn, without abolishing the birthday present for all employees”.

In the photo: From the left, Samuele Cavadini (Mayor of Mendrisio), Leila Bigolin Mros (Marketing Manager, Casino Admiral Mendrisio) and Giorgio Comi (Municipal Councillor, Mendrisio).

Mendrisio, 29 April ’20