At the Casino ADMIRAL Mendrisio, Easter is celebrated in style! There have been many novelties presented by the Mendrisiotto casino in recent months. Among these novelties is the promotion dedicated to Easter celebrations. From 3 to 9 April 2023, guests of the Casino have the chance to draw special blue, red and gold ‘Easter’ eggs and win gadgets or game vouchers worth CHF 10 and CHF 200!

Everyone who enters the Casino between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. during the period in which the promotion is active, after having logged in through any of the Receptions, receives a token that gives them the chance to draw a plastic egg from the maxi-boule placed in the stand set up for the occasion, located after the entrance to the Casino, which is located inside FoxTown (ckey3).

By handing the token to the hostesses at the dedicated stand, the casino guest can draw an egg and depending on the colour of the egg drawn, receives

  1. A Promo Ticket to the value of CHF 200.- if the golden egg is drawn
  2. A Promo Ticket to the value of CHF 10.- if a red egg is drawn
  3. A gadget if a blue egg is drawn

There are 37 eggs in the boule: 18 red, 18 blue and 1 gold.
Promo tickets can only be used on the slot machines at the Casino Admiral in Mendrisio and can only be played during the gaming day on which the ticket is delivered by the hostesses, i.e. by the closing time of the Casino on the day the ticket is received.
The promotion is valid while stocks last.
The coordinating hostesses may invalidate the drawing of the egg from the boule if they deem it appropriate, justifying the cancellation in case of irregularities.
Each person may draw the egg once per day. It is not permitted to draw the egg on behalf of other persons.
Only those who are permitted access to the casino may draw the egg.
In the event of any kind of dispute or attempt to force the rules, it is the final and indisputable responsibility of the hostesses to determine the validity of the egg draw and the delivery of the promo ticket or gadget.
In Mendrisio, the eggs are gold!