Coffee tastes different at the ADMIRAL Casino… it’s free!
A promotion is running that allows anyone who enters the Casino di Mendrisio to drink a good Cerutti coffee without having to put their hand in their wallet. Drinking coffee is a pleasure, and the picturesque location of the Mendrisiotto gambling house makes it possible to enjoy one of the best and most flavourful blends on the Ticino market.
Cerutti “il Caffè”, a brand with over 90 years of history and 60 years of roasting experience, composes tasty and aromatic coffee blends by selecting the finest qualities of green coffee grown in the “fazendas” according to an ancient tradition.
The slow and gradual roasting process allows the best aromatic parts of each bean to be extracted in order to be able to offer the customer a top product.

The promotion of the Admiral Casino does not end here, in fact the staff will be happy to offer guests milk, cappuccino and latte macchiato to satisfy all tastes.

Stop in Mendrisio, the coffee break is free!